The Zero Hunger Trust Fund Conducts Outreach Drive to North Leeward

The Zero Hunger Trust Fund concluded the month of January with an exploratory and monitoring visit to the community of North Leeward. The outreach visit is part of the Fund commitment to reach and support the most vulnerable among our population. The visit met is objectives toa transformative initiative, fostering a sense of unity and empowerment among vulnerable populations. Through genuine engagement, active listening, and collaborative efforts, the Fund has successfully bridged gaps and cultivated meaningful connections. It is the hope that the impact of our outreach extends beyond mere interactions and has ignited a spark of positive change, promoting understanding, resilience, and uplifting communities with a shared commitment to fight hunger together. 

The visit gave the ZHTF the opportunity to donate East Caribbean Group of Companies (ECGC) products to the Rose Hall Government School Resilient School Feeding Programme. This generous donation was a result of Miss SVG 2023 contestants-Team Cari Gold Rye winning the ECGC Culinary Cookoff who chose the ZHTF as the recipient charitable organization. The donation of monthly supplies to Fund for a six-month period will be distributed to primary schools through-out Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.  

The visit also presented the opportunity to undertake an exploratory visit to the Fitz Hughs Government School to assess its current school feeding programme. The outreach also extended to the Petit Bordel Secondary School, where the visiting team engaged the Principal, Agriculture Science teachers and students to assess the programme’s current impact, garner insight on agricultural practices where students were observed as enthusiastically engaging in firsthand learning through classes conducted on the school’s farming plot. The team also visited the Rose Bank community, for its ongoing work on the “Empowering Communities for Zero Hunger Programme,” and beneficiaries on our Golden Years Nutrition Support Programme in the Spring Village community. 

The Fund express its gratitude to the is visiting Team, which included the Honorable Carlos James, Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Sustainable Development and Culture, who has the responsibility for the Fund, other representatives within the Ministry, as well as Miss SVG 2023 – Ms. Arena Foye, members of the media and the ZHTF Team.  

The ZHTF has provided targeted interventions to members of the North Leeward community since its inception in 2016, to children, youths, and the elderly. At present, the Fund supports primary-school aged children at two schools, namely the Rose Hall Government and Chateaubelair Methodist, through the ‘Adopt A Classroom’ Programme which ensures that students have the necessary educational resources to attend classes and improve their learning outcomes. The Fund also provides nutritional support to all students at these schools, affording them access to safe, adequate, and nutritious food free of cost.