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The Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Zero Hunger Trust Fund was established with a mandate to finance programmes for the eradication of hunger in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Strategically aligned to achieve SDG2 , the ZHTF SVG aims to ensure that all Vincentians have available to them, the resources, or other means of accessing safe, adequate, and healthy food for their nutritional needs.

Poverty reduction and hunger elimination have no quick fixes. Change is dynamic and requires a visionary and “long-term” approach while ensuring short-term issues are addressed. The assumption is that people who are food vulnerable are invariably drawn from among those that are in extreme poverty. Therefore, ultimately, the ZHTF SVG objectives aim to increase food security, enable more dignified living conditions for the poor and establish a trajectory for inclusive development. Thousands of the most vulnerable Vincentians, including school children who benefit through the School Feeding Programme, the elderly who receive regular nutrition support, farmers, who have direct contracts to supply fruits and vegetables, and others, have benefited since the establishment of the fund.

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End Hunger

Ending hunger requires more than the provision of food to those affected, it involves empowering citizens so that they can, as far as practical, provide food for themselves. 

Food security requires that each individual is able to access sufficient, safe and nutritious  food at all times.  For a country susceptible to shocks such as the impact of climate change, external economic vulnerability,  national food security and food sovereignty is at the forefront of the national agenda.

Sustainable Livelihoods

Poverty and hunger are intrinsically linked. To that extent, any action or programme to fight hunger must strike at the heart of poverty.