Reading Food Labels – The Focus for Nutrition Week

Chief Nutritionist in the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment, Nicole France is urging the general public to ensure that they read food labels and adhere to a healthy lifestyle, as these are crucial steps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Speaking to the Agency for Public Information, France explained that the nutritional value alerts a consumer to the contents of the products before they are consumed and this is important, especially, for people who suffer from chronic non-communicable diseases and those with allergies.

 Nutrition Awareness Week will involve a series of activities regarding food, nutrition and quality of food intake. Nutrition week begins on Sunday May 28th, 2023 with a Church Service and will feature participation from secondary school students as well as members of the general public. The week’s activities will draw to an end with a Caribbean Nutrition Day Health Fair on Thursday June 1st and a Supermarket Visit on Friday June 2nd.

 The theme for Nutrition Awareness Week 2023 is “Read your labels, Put Healthy Foods on Your Table.”