End Hunger

Why Tackle Hunger?

Ending hunger requires more than the provision of food to those affected, it involves empowering citizens so that they can, as far as practical, provide food for themselves.  The ZHTF SVG is committed to:
Explore options for providing nutritional support for all people at risk
Improve the quality of meals offered through nutrition and school programmes
Support children and young adults in attaining the educational skills necessary to rise out of poverty, and by extension hunger.

What is ZHTF SVG doing?

ZHTF SVG has worked to deliver action-oriented programmes and initiatives implemented across Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to end hunger and improve nutrition among its most vulnerable populations.  

Our Solutions

Learning Enhancement and Nutrition Support (LENS)

LENS is one of several interventions by the ZHTF SVG executed to contribute to its mandate of reaching SDG 2 of zeroing hunger by 2030. Under this programme, the ZHTF SVG provides education and nutrition support to students at twelve beneficiary schools across Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Education support is provided under the ‘Adopt A Classroom’ programme, while nutrition support is provided through the School Feeding Programme.
No. Name of School Constituency
Barrouallie Anglican
Central Leeward
Barrouallie Government
Central Leeward
Calliaqua Anglican
East St. George
Chateaubelair Methodist
North Leeward
Clare Valley Primary
South Leeward
Fair Hall Government
East St. George
Fancy Government
North Windward
Gomea Methodist
West St. George
Lauders Primary
South Central Windward
Mayreau Government
Southern Grenadines
Rose Hall Government
North Leeward
Sandy Bay Government
North Windward

Partnering entities

‘Adopt A Classroom’ Programme

School attendance is intrinsically linked to poverty. In fact, poor attendance has been shown to affect children’s performance in schools and often results in children joining a cycle of poverty and hunger, ultimately unable to care for themselves. ZHTF SVG recognizes that education is undoubtedly the surest way out of poverty, and by extension hunger. The ‘Adopt A Classroom’ programme, launched in 2016 was designed by the ZHTF to respond to this problem, and to provide the necessities to encourage children to remain in school, capitalize on educational opportunities and reduce their vulnerability to hunger and poverty.

Providing a Future for our Children

The ‘Adopt A Classroom’ programme is a school-based initiative aimed at ensuring that children from the most vulnerable populations across Saint Vincent and the Grenadines are provided with the resources needed to regularly attend, participate, and succeed in school. Under this programme, students at ZHTF beneficiary primary schools receive annual assistance in the form of book vouchers, school uniforms and other school supplies. Having progressed from kindergarten through the different grades, the students from ‘adopted’ cohorts are now in Grades 5 and 6 at their respective schools.

Our Impact at A Glance

Annual support provided to approximately 350 students across twelve (12) primary schools in vulnerable communities.

Reading coaches were employed to identify and address literacy needs of students in beneficiary primary schools through a literacy enhancement initiative employment.

Summer Reading Programme – “Readers in the Summer Sun” conducted at nine (9) centers as an initiative aimed at improving the reading abilities of over 300 students, with assistance from teachers/reading coaches.

Parenting workshops with the aim of equipping parents and guardians with skills to improve support and involvement in their children’s academic, emotional and social development.

Approximately 27 economically disadvantaged Grade 6 students have received bursaries to aid their transitions into secondary school.

Support provided to 57 students towards the purchase of new glasses following screening and vision testing at beneficiary primary schools.

In 2019, approximately 400 Grade 6 students in 15 primary schools across Saint Vincent and the Grenadines received textbooks through initiative funded by the Government of South Korea. Additionally, all 15 schools received computers, printers, and related accessories to assist students in the completion of coursework for the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (i.e., projects, book reports, portfolios).

School Feeding Programme (SFP)

Every day, millions of children worldwide go to school on an empty stomach. As a result, hunger affects their concentration, performance and learning outcomes. Recognizing the correlation between poverty, access to food and educational achievement, the ZHTF SVG aims to provide support to the School Feeding Programme at its beneficiary primary schools.

How we help?

The Fund covers the cost of the School Feeding Programme at all 12 beneficiary schools. This support ensures that all students at these schools have access to adequate, safe, and nutritious meals, free of cost, and are healthy and ready to learn.

Who we work with ?

Windward Islands Farmers Association (WINFA)

ZHTF SVG partners with WINFA to provide weekly supply of fruits and vegetables to its beneficiary schools which ensures that all students have healthy options for a meal. The partnership facilitates the Fund’s commitment to work hand in hand with small farm holders, including women farmers, through sourcing of produce and by supporting local food production.  

The Ministries of Education and Health

The ZHTF SVG works in tandem with the Ministries of Health and Education on its “Adopt a Classroom” initiatives, including the School Feeding Programme. The Ministries provides policy support and facilitates communication and execution of activities by beneficiary schools relative to the School Feeding Programme.

Our Impact at A Glance

Primary Schools
Total Students +
  • Food Packages

    Support provided to students affected by the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic through distribution of Food packages.

  • Breakfast Programme

    Support provided to Breakfast programme at local secondary school.

  • Food Handlers

    Cooks and food handlers at local primary schools trained in best practices in food preparation.

  • Kitchen Rehabilation

    Kitchens at ten (10) primary schools rehabilitated with support from the ZHTF.

Partnering entities

Golden Years Nutrition Support (GYNS)

Elderly citizens represent one of the most vulnerable populations in relation to poverty and hunger, due to age associated illness, functional limitations, and reduced access to financial resources. Our golden years citizens remain one of the most threatened and exposed groups to food vulnerability among the population.

Why implement the GYNS programme?

Recognizing the threats for hunger and poverty faced by the elderly population, the ZHTF SVG established its Golden Years Nutrition Support Programme (GYNS) in 2016, as a means of providing nutrition support to vulnerable elderly citizens. Through the GYNS programme, elderly citizens aged 78 years and older receive monthly support from the Fund towards the purchase of food and other personal care items.

Who we work with ?

Local Supermarkets

ZHTF SVG implements the Golden Years programme in collaboration with local supermarkets, including Bonadie’s Supermarket No. 1 & 2, CK Greaves & Co. Ltd and Randy’s Supermarket in St. Vincent, Uncle Duff’s Supermarket in Bequia, Rebecca’s Place in Canouan and Mitchell’s Hardware in Union Island.  

Golden Years Nutrition Support through the years


Food Boxes

Approximately 300 elderly GYNS beneficiaries aged 85 years and older receive Food Boxes containing basic fruits, vegetables, dry goods, personnel effects, and cleaning items.


Quarterly Gift Certificates

Age of recipients under this programme reduced to 80 years and older. Method of distribution changed to quarterly Food Gift Certificates.


Reloadable Card System

Age of recipients under this programme reduced to 78 years and older. Approximately 350 elderly GYNS beneficiaries receive reloadable cards under the ‘Reloadable Card System’ implemented in April 2022. Monthly distributions instituted for GYNS beneficiaries.

Our Impact at A Glance


Approximately 720 elderly citizens across Saint Vincent and the Grenadines supported under the GYNS programme since inception.

New Beneficiaries

Quarterly additions of new beneficiaries.


Collaborations between the Zero Hunger Trust Fund and supermarkets, Community Health Aides (CHAs) and other stakeholders to ensure efficient operation of the GYNS programme.