Partner with us

To preserve our legacy for generations to come, the Zero Hunger Trust Fund partners with a diverse range of stakeholders, governments, international organizations, civil society, and the private sector dedicated to promoting the achievement and reinforcement of the SDG 2 Goal: Zero Hunger.

Join us on a path to end hunger.


When you donate to the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Zero Hunger Trust Fund, your generosity is immediately put to work to build a Saint Vincent and the Grenadines free of hunger.

You can help give children nutritious meals in school and provide nutrition support to our Golden Years Citizen or contribute to any of our ongoing programs, projects, and initiatives.

100% of your donation goes to directly supporting the beneficiaries.

  • Join a partner agency that provide support to food vulnerable program
  • Support donates to a ZHTF beneficiary school
  • Start a community initiative
  • Volunteer your skills to build the vulnerable into self-sufficient persons.
  • Donate to our “Zero loss or waste of Food Drive”

Partnering Countries

Friendly like-minded countries continue to support Saint Vincent and the Grenadines effects to end hunger through development and technical cooperation.

Private Sector

The Fund partners with committed corporate citizens to help us deliver to those most in need and build resilience among our people and in our communities.

International Agencies

The Fund pursues partnerships with agencies with similar mandates, which shares a common vision of promoting food security, promoting sustainable livelihoods, alleviating hunger while working to eliminate its root causes.

Our Partners