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Ending hunger requires collective effort. The Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Zero Hunger Trust Fund believes that strategic collaboration across sectors is the only sustainable way to ensure adequate access to safe and nutritious food, end hunger and support sustainable livelihoods, and achieve food security. Though ZHTF SVG is funded mainly by the 2% levy on telecommunications services, it relies heavily on partnerships and funders for its programmes, projects, and initiatives. Let’s work together to eradicate hunger in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Why Work with ZHTF SVG?

The ZHTF SVG provides an opportunity to work locally on a global initiative to end hunger, build resilience and security, and reach the most food vulnerable persons, providing help and hope and opportunities to be self-sustaining persons. The Fund has the experience, expertise, structure, and network for supporting vulnerable persons, groups and communities and has built a unique understanding of – and trust among – those we serve. The Fund has created impactful partnerships with international institutions, friendly countries, and businesses across different sectors. Our partners trust us to deliver on the vision, translating their support into real-world impact among those who need it most. Our partnerships with our funders and businesses are vital to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines delivering and achieving the targets set for achieving the Zero Hunger by 2030.

Invest in sustainable locally-led solutions to end hunger

Ways to Partner with the Fund

Provide Funding Support

ZHTF SVG implements several cores programmes that are the foundation of the Fund’s work. Funders may choose to support an entire programme, a component of a programme, or simply make a financial contribution to the work of the Fund.

Advocate and Call to Action

Partner with ZHTF SVG in our advocacy efforts by sponsoring research and ground-breaking reports, by joining one of our policy-change coalitions or simply by raising awareness of our programmes with your employee and consumer base. The Fund can collaborate closely with you to find an organic way to incorporate donation opportunities into your communications, engaging your customers and consumers with dynamic content and impactful personal stories on the mission to end hunger in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Develop a Programme in Collaboration with ZHTF SVG

The Fund provides an opportunity for development of specific programmes, projects, and initiatives with partners, within the scope of its mandate. These programmes could be jointly resourced by the Fund and partners, or fully funded by partners. The Fund could also serve as the implementing agency for programmes, projects, or initiatives developed by partners and is within its mandate.

Share your expertise

Your expertise can help us improve the way we work, through streamlining processes, improving the quality of our data collection and analysis, staff training, or enhancing beneficiary engagement and development – we value expertise in every field. By sharing personnel, technology, or methodologies, you will help us move forward and make a greater impact on the lives of the people we serve.

Who can volunteer with us?

Anyone over 18 years of age.

Committed individuals who want to contribute their services and add value to the organization.

Collaborators interested in living a unique working experience supporting mission.

Benefits to Partners

Your ideas can help #DISRUPTHUNGER!

The Zero Hunger Trust Fund sources, supports and scales high-potential solutions to end hunger in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, providing entrepreneurs, start-ups,
companies and non-governmental organizations with information to funding, mentorship, hands-on support.