The Zero Hunger Trust Fund promotes healthy food choices on the 1st School’s HFLE Health Fair

The ZHTF collaborated and participated in the Ministry of Education and National Reconciliation staged its first ever Schools’ HFLE Health Fair during the period 19th – 25th January 2024. The ZHTF committed to championing this initiative by advocating for nutritional awareness and emphasizing the importance of good nutrition, balanced diets, and the pivotal role of making healthy food choices for overall health and well-being. As part of this commitment, the Fund actively participated in five HFLE Health Fairs at both the primary and secondary school levels, where more than 200 students witnessed the ZHTF’s presentations, gained knowledge of good nutrition and were encouraged towards making positive behavioral and lifestyle changes.  

St. Vincent Grammar School was the first to kick-start the series of health fairs on January 19, with the ZHTF’s presentation under the theme ‘Encouraging Good Nutrition through Agriculture Science’. The exhibit sought to educate attending students, teachers and other participants about the importance of good nutrition and how the crops produced through the school’s agriculture science Programme or even home gardens could be a good source of nutrition. In keeping with the theme, the ZHTF also engaged participants through a nutrition trivia game in which fruits prizes were awarded to participants for accurately answering questions.  

Health fairs at the primary level were held consecutively during the period January 23 – 25, at the Calliaqua Anglican Primary, Fair Hall Government and Gomea Methodist schools, under the theme ‘‘Healthy Eating – Buy Local, Eat. As part of these exhibits, the ZHTF facilitated a nutrition matching game which tested students’ nutritional awareness, in addition to displaying a variety of fruits that were also used as prizes for participation in the nutrition matching game. Altogether, the activities allowed for meaningful interaction between the ZHTF staff and students, teachers, parents and members of the public who were in attendance. 

The Health Fairs were with special emphasis on Life Skills expanding across four the thematic areas of the HFLE curriculum. Each fair targeted students, parents and community members by empowering them to make healthier lifestyle choices. Students at different grade levels were also heavily involved through their presentations on a range of diverse topics, including the self and interpersonal relationships, health, living holistic lifestyles and the environment etc. 

As the ZHTF reflects on the success of these health fairs, it has become more evident that the path to a hunger-free and healthy future begins with education. The Fund therefore remains steadfast in its mission to drive positive change and eradicate hunger through awareness, advocacy and community engagement.