Celebrating Eight Years of Impact: Zero Hunger Month

As the Zero Hunger Trust Fund (ZHTF) commemorated its eight anniversary on April 6, we are profoundly grateful for the transformative journey we’ve undertaken and the countless lives we’ve touched along the way. This milestone prompted us to dedicate an entire month to reaffirming our commitment through a series of impactful initiatives. From providing warm meals to the less fortunate, to ensuring students have the necessary supplies to excel in their exams, the ZHTF continues to make a tangible difference in vulnerable communities across Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Our anniversary celebration culminated in a meaningful visit to the Catholic Diocese of Kingstown Soup Kitchen, underscoring our ongoing dedication to eradicating hunger and poverty. Led by the ZHTF Team, this event exemplified the importance of collaboration between organizations and communities in addressing hunger issues. Volunteers and beneficiaries alike shared poignant stories, highlighting the profound impact of initiatives supported by the Fund. Together, we served meals, fostering unity and solidarity in the fight against hunger. This event served as a reminder of the progress made and the challenges ahead in achieving zero hunger globally. Thanks to Rick Nicks Café for their donation to the Soup Kitchen.

Throughout our anniversary activities, we also provided vital support to five beneficiary ‘Adopt A Classroom’ and School Feeding primary schools, including Calliaqua Anglican, Clare Valley Primary, Gomea Methodist, Lauders Primary and Rose Hall Government schools, to distribute essential school kits to Grade 6 students embarking on the Caribbean Primary Entrance Assessment (CPEA). Partnering with the Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines (BOSVG), we distributed essential school kits and food supplies, ensuring that students receive both the tools and nutrition they need to thrive.

These initiatives underscore our commitment to nurturing young minds and supporting the most vulnerable in our communities to become self-sufficient. We extend heartfelt thanks to our trusted partner BOSVG for their unwavering support, contributing to our mission to eradicate hunger and transform lives. We wish our students all the best in their exams.

Looking ahead, the ZHTF remains steadfast in our commitment to empowering communities for resilience and sustainability. We invite all stakeholders and Vincentians to join us in the fight against hunger, envisioning a legacy where food is accessible to all and no one has to go to bed hungry. Whether through volunteering, advocating, or making a donation, every action counts in the fight against hunger. Together, let’s amplify our impact. Together, we can make a difference.

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